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Well, we all know Civil and Soils Engineers are whiners!!  But
seriously, if an approach like this is considered "standard" for
everyone in a certain business, then I guess that looking around for
another Civil or Soils Engineer would just yield the same result.
Another issue to remember is that Soils and Civil Engineer tend to
contract directly with the Owner, not the Architect.
But just put yourself in their (owner or architect) situation and try
and see things from their point of view.  They want to know their cost
up front, and don't want to be hit up for extras all along the way.  It
is just common sense.  If you set your contract up so that you are
asking for extra money for every little thing all along the way, it is
going to discourage your clients from hiring you again, especially if
xyz engineering down the freeway a bit provides an equal services, but
sticks to his up front fee.  Our philosophy is to find out what our
clients want in an engineering consultant and give it to them.  And this
issue of hitting the client up for extra services along the way is a
major issue for many of our clients.  Negotiate hard for an adequate fee
up front, and then stick to it, only asking for additional fee if there
is a clear justification.  One of your negotiation points arriving at an
adequate fee can in fact be that you will not be coming back to them
with your hand out for more money time and time again.


HARRISENGR(--nospam--at) wrote:

> << The Architect does not have any "extra" money to pay you for these
>  additional charges, unless he takes it out of his fee.  The Owner
>  doesn't want to be hit up for additional money either.  Both the
>  Architect and the Owner want to know what  it will cost them
> up-front. >>
>     How do the soil and civil engineers get these extra fees ? without
> being
> whiners?
>     ( this question is not just for Lynn ( who has a good point ) ,
> but
> anyone who has an opinion )
>       Tom Harris , SE
>      Thousand Oaks, CA