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First Forensic Engineering Congresss

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This is an announcement for the 

**First Forensic Engineering Congresss**

that will be a special part of the 1997 ASCE Annual Convention &
Exposition to be held in the Minneapolis Convention Center in
Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Sunday, 5 Oct. 1997, 2:00 p.m. to Wed., 8 Oct. 1997, 5:30 p.m.

The TWELVE sessions include:
* The Engineer as an Expert Witness - A Primer
* The Oklahoma City Bombing; Improving Building Performance through
  Multi-Hazard Mitigation
* Key-Note Address by Dr. William J. LeMessurier
* Near Misses and Narrow Escapes.  The Moral Dilemma of the Designer
* Forensic Engineering Practice and the Hired Guns
* Failures and Other Mishaps During Construction
* Natural Disasters - Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Are We Doing
* Ten Years After the L'Ambiance Plaza Collapse: Lift Slab Construction -
  Is It Really Safe?
* Education in Forensic Engineering - An Investment in Our Future
* Northridge Earthquake - The Steel Moment Frame Challenge, What Went
  Wrong and What are We Doing About It?
* Computer Misuse - I: The Black Box Syndrome
* Computer Misuse - II: Are We Dealing With a Time Bomb?

For further information, contact ASCE's Technical Council on Forensic
Engineering (TCFE) at:

Voice:          206-230-0660
Fax:            206-230-0665
E-mail:         fecongress(--nospam--at)
TCFE Home Page: http//
ASCE Home Page: http//

As Chair of the Technology Transfer and Implementation Committee of TCFE 
and on behalf of the TCFE as a whole, we look forward to your attendance 
and participation.

Thank you!