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Re: Diaphragms

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Dennis S. Wish PE wrote:

> I have also met an engineer online that considers the weight of
> interior
> partitions into the lateral analysis for diaphragm and shear walls.
> Theoretically, interior walls are not connected to the diaphrgm and
> therefore would not contribute load into the diaprhragm, however I
> can't
> fault him for taking a conservative approach - especially if he starts
> with
> the assumption that the Rw is 8.
> Dennis Wish PE

I've always used the weight of interior partitions in my lateral calcs.
They are usually braced to a ceiling (which is braced to the roof/walls
or floor) or braces to the roof diaphragm and do contribute to the
lateral loads.  If you ever do schools or hospitals, you'll be required
to show how the lateral loads of these elements are transferred to the
lateral resisting system. Theoretically and actually they are connected
to the building and do contribute to lateral words.