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Re: plan check ethics

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As a plan checker and a professional engineer, I can sympathise with your
problem. I have been on both sides of the fence: asking and answering what
appear to be dumb questions and facing time wasted. I do have a question
I'd like to ask this forum.

Has anyone ever taken a plan reviewer before the plan reviewer's board or
the organization that oversees the reviewers? What were the results?

I ask the question because in North Carolina we recently had a code
amendment turned down by the Building Code Council, the code writers for
the state. The amendment essentially denied the plan reviewer the right to
ask for calculations or details which the design professional did not feel
needed to be included on the permit or construction drawings. The reason
for the amendment was that some (few as far as I can tell) professionals
felt that they had no recourse when dealing  with unreasonable reviewers.
The State's position, though, is that the Qualifications Board for
reviewers is set up for handling unreasonable reviewers and no amendment
was needed.

I'd like to hear in anyone has experience in getting bad reviewers brought
into line.


Ted Partrick, PE

At 02:51 PM 8/18/97 -0400, you wrote:

>I have recently been going 'round and 'round with a hired plan checker for a
>County building department on a slab design.  I spent thirty minutes
>explaining that Vs, the steel shear reinforcement capacity, is conservatively
>disregarded in slabs, and this plan checker not only disagreed, but claimed
>that I was lying!  He couldn't even understand that it's _conservative_ to
>disregard it!  So I finally pointed him toward '94 UBC 1911.5.5.1.  I found
>it strange that he was not only ignorant, but combative.
>Explaining fundamentals to such a cantakerous bad apple is beyond reason