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Fire Resistive Assembly-- OSPHD Review

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I've been told that OSPHD does not accept a wood pre-engineered roof system 
with 2 layers of 5/8" inch Gyp Board attached directly to the bottom chords as 
a one hours assembly.  What we has been done in the past is to take TJI's to 
span at the ceiling level, attach the gyp board to the TJI's and place plywood 
on the top of the tji's.  The roof trusses are added on top of this ceiling 
assembly in order to create the roof profiles.  This system is used mainly 
because Trus Joist has a published fire report on their components.

To me this type of system seems like a waste of money and effort.  The Gyp 
Board essentially provides the fire resistance (assuming that it is adequately 

Does any one have any alternatives to this double framed system????


Lanny Flynn