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Earthquake-resistant architecture

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I recently had an opportunity to interact quite extensively
with an architect from Jabalpur while carrying out earthquake
damage survey in Jabalpur city.  A beneficial effect of our
interaction has been his realisation of the important issues
of earthquake-resistant design/architectural issues etc.

He is now interested in pursuing further studies at MS/Ph.D. 
level in architecture with emphasis on earthquake engineering
(a pretty good combination, if the previous messages in this 
list are any indication).  I would request the list members 
to send me details of schools where such opportunities may be 
available.  If possible, the contact professor's name will also 
be welcome.  Any other information on this subject would also 
be appreciated.

Since I have very limited experience with earthquake-resistant
architecture, I have not been able to help this person in this 
issue.  I eagerly await your replies.

Thanks in advance.

ravi sinha

Ravi Sinha, Ph.D.		email: rsinha(--nospam--at)
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