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Re: Plan Check Ethics & an extended riff

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>Here in Tahoe people engineer houses for less than a thousand dollars.  In
>high snow load country.  They are typically un-insured, and they don't
>provide complete structural details, or calcs for that matter.  

Check the last issue of the Board of Registration's publication.  One of
the Tahoe civil-civils who was trying to be a civil-sturctural got a slap
on the wrist.

At the time of his problems, all county plan checks for the Tahoe area were
being done at Tahoe, rather than sending them down the hill.  The rational
was that the down the hill plan checker was to tough.

You know, all the 150 psf snow loads+ and 110 mph winds.  Nothing, at least
that I know of at that time, was being checked by an engineer at the county.

Another rumor I heard from a local Tahoe S.E. was that the Tahoe
contractor's were going to the civil-civils for their designs because they
didn't make the contractors put in hold downs.

Neil Moore