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I think maybe our office just doesn't run into these issues as much as
everyone else.  I rarely get unreasonable requests from plan checkers,
and when I do, a one-on-one meeting to review the issues almost always
will resolve all issues.  OSHPOD and DSA have what I consider
unreasonable plan checks, but at least I know it is coming and can plan
for it.  If there is a serious problem on this issue for the many
engineers, maybe some changes are in order.  I probably should not have
commented on it since I really don't find this an issue of concern.


r marmaduke wrote:

> Lynn:
> I would add to your commentary the following logic process.
> As soils and civils (and contractors for that matter) take it
> "in the shorts" for protracted debates with Building Officials,
> fabricator/installers, peer reviewers and the like, that fails
> to create an incentive on the part of Building Officials et al
> to REDUCE their redlining activities to a manageable level.
> Hence, not only the soils and civils and contractors will be
> losing more and more money (and experiencing longer and longer
> delays in setting up their next contract), but OWNERS will also
> be experiencing these construction delays, which may in fact
> cost them FAR MORE than the additional cost of backending their
> engineer consultant.
> Bottom line, the paperwork associated with permit review will
> get longer and longer, favoring design-build, pre-manufacturer,
> and good-ol-boy companies, and bringing ruin to the one-off
> custom design sole proprietor consulting engineer. We all lose.
> It only takes one project delay like that to kill your clientbase.
> As a perfect example, I've just had a permit reviewer at the
> County run me around for two weeks, with two separate complaint
> letters numbering over 30 items to address in the plan review...
> for a 24' x 36' pole carport!!!!!!!!!! I did the design for $150.
> She wants to know grade, species, number, pounds of preservative,
> camber, taper, auger hole diameter control, hole bottom setup,
> geotechnical basis, basis of nailing and bolting values, basis of
> sheet metal shear values,,,,AND wants me to inspect the carport
> when it's built and submit a stamped letter of approval.
> On my nickel! I'd laugh, except it's not getting better,
> it's getting much, much worse. And the forensic hired-guns
> and P&C attorneys just love all that extra paperwork.
> We are cannon fodder.