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CODE - Santa Monica Retrofit

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I had a meeting yesterday with the Santa Monica Buliding Dept regarding a
retrofit project we are doing.  During the meeting, it came up that the City
of SM has adopted a retrofit ordinance that will apply to Tilt-up buildings,
steel frame buildings, and nonductile reinforced concrete and nonductile
precast concrete buildings.  The tiltup ordinance will be similar to LA City
Division 91.

However, the steel frame section requires that all steel frame buildings
(damaged or undamaged) be investigated to determine whether or not the moment
connections conform to FEMA 267 and 267A, the SAC guidlines published after
Northridge.  If not (and I think it's safe to conclude that any building
built prior to 1994 will not conform), the building must be retrofitted to
conform to the new guidelines.

Similarly, the concrete buildings (damaged or undamaged) must be evaluated to
see if they conform to the building code requirements for concrete design in
place at the time the evaluation report is written, i.e., the current code.
 Again, the possibility of any older building conforming to current detailing
requirements is remote.  These buildings must then be retrofitted to current

If I read this correctly, this ordinance will require major structural
retrofit to almost every steel and concrete building in SM, at a large cost
and inconvenience to the building owners.  The building official told me that
the letters of notification will be sent out to the building owners in the
next month or so.

Does anyone else have any information on this?  I know it would be good
structurally to do all this work, but it doesn't seem remotely feasible.

Bruce Resnick