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I wouldn't say that I was offended, but like your self a bit frustrated, in
that my posts were not intended to be a bitch session or a tirate against
plancheck (well maybe a little).  Most of the plancheck personnel that I
deal with are professional and knowledgeable.  My comments were to justify
my position that this time should be billable because of it's
unpredictablity.  The majority of the plan checks that I get have very few
comments, but every now and then the plan check lottery deals me a plancheck
from hell.  If I have in my contract that I can bill these hours then I will
excercise this option on these jobs.  Then, while my time schedule gets
screwed up at least I get paid for it.  We have a very short building season
up here in tahoe and the time element is critical, which puts extra pressure
on us for a speedy permit process.  I do need to take a break from these
exciting conversations to get some work done (no, not plancheck corrections).

Randy Vogelgesang

At 01:09 PM 8/20/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I appologize if you found my comments offensive. They were not intended to
>be that way. My slightly tongue-in-cheek comments were intended to be taken
>a little lighter.
>My frustration stems from this fact. Suppose we could figure out a way so
>that we could eliminate unqualified people from doing plan check as well as
>get a more consistent plan check procedure. We could then budget with a
>little more accuracy. The problem with this is that, even if we could come
>up with the ideal solution, we have demonstrated in the past that we are
>unwilling to get together and formulate any action. It's just a bitch
>session anyway. Why put more scrutiny on plan checkers than we do with
>design professionals? Or contractors? Or architects? (whoops, they are
>design professionals, sorry) or unlicensed people performing architecture?
>I also have gotten my fair share of rediculuous plan check comments which,
>by responding to them, bust my budget. They (the plan checkers) typically
>are not sensitive to the fact that one simple, rediculous comment may take
>a lot of time to calc, sketch, cadd, back-check, plot, print, stamp, sign
>and redeliver.
>But, we're not going to fix that!! I feel that the time and energy is
>better spent on doing the best job you can to prepare clear, concise
>construction documents, void of boiler plate, standard details that really
>don't apply to the job, negotiate the best fee you can and go on to the
>next job.
>Randy, I believe I share the majority opinion that it would not be
>productive if you stop participating in this list service. Anyone else out
>there wonder how many times I've gotten upset by something someone said
>:o). I'm still here.
>You don't have to agree with me (or anyone else for that matter). But we do
>need you to participate!
>Bill Allen