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Re: FEE Survey

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Percentage of construction cost fees for small jobs produces rediculous
estimates.  It's pretty easy to simply estimate the actual design scope line
by line, drawing by drawing, and task by task, to get a real-life number.

I find it easier to estimate small jobs based upon the number of drawings
req'd than using percentages.  An average design fee of about
$1200-$1500/drawing for DESIGN seems to usually work for small green-field
jobs in our office (civil and structural engineering).  
Retrofits are usually more complex and more expensive (i.e. $2000/drawing).
Field investigation, surveys, geotech studys, and other
design disciplines must be custom estimated for every job.  IMHO,
observation is best done on a T&M basis.


Joe McCormick

At 10:50 AM 8/20/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi, I know that the standard structural fee is about 1% for a medium to
>large job. I got a call from an owner who would like to add a 6,000 sq.
>ft. office inside his distribution warehouse. The structure will be type
>V 2-story under the existing warehouse enclosure.  Now, 1% of 6,000 x
>$50 = $3,000.  There is no way I can do the design for that kind of fee.
>As I can tell, most of you are from a small office. Consider this a fee
>survey for a small size commercial job, I would like to find out what
>would be considered a reasonable fee (design & construction observation)
>for this type of job.
>Any comment will be appreciated.
>Tom Chiu, SE
>Thomas Engineering