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The problem with plan reviewers seems to be universal with engineers across
the board.  All have had to deal with unreasonable checkers and commets.
  Many not founded on sound engineering principles.  However, I am sure that
there is another side to the story with poor plans and calcs.  The Structrual
Engineers Association of Arizona has established a joint ICBO (local) SEAoA
committe to study and try and remedy some of these problems.  We just started
so we don't have any magic answers as of yet, but we are working on it.  I
suggest that other areas look into such an approach.  We might all  gain
something.  I have found the discussion to be very interesting and
informative.  If there are any other comments let me know.  I will try to
post any revelations that we may have.

Thanks for the forum,

Mel Slaysman