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Re: FEE Survey

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Item for disucssion:

Do you think that fees would go up if we were in a pure bid enviorment such
as the contractors?  We have to understand that our fee is generally limited
by the fee that the client, i.e, architect gets for the entire project.
 Consider this:  If  projects (all architects' and engineers'  fees) were put
in a pure competive basis with a defined scope of work and open bid it seems
that an initial drop in fees the fees would rise to what "the market would
bear".  All you have to do is look at the contractors.  They bid tight when
the market is tight and fat when the market is fat.  We on the other hand
seem to price ourselves tight when the market is tight and tighter when the
market is fat to absorb more work to make our profits up by volume.

Interested in hearing discussion

Mel Slaysman