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Re: CODE - Santa Monica Retrofit

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Bruce, I don't have any information on this, but it sounds like the spirit
of Bill Rome is still haunting the old walls of city hall.
Actually, I thought  quite a lot of that old nose bender.
Sounds like a great new market to be unfolding in Santa Monica. Actually,
this city has come a long way since the Northridge earthquake. I had did the
retrofit on the building at 4th and Broadway (the great old building with
Van's Shoes at the corner). I also did a retrofit design on the old Church
at 7th and Arizona which is no longer there. It seems that the church could
not raise enough money to do the retrofit and then Northridge hit. The
building on 4th and Broadway cost the owner about 750K more than the
original estimates since she too, could not get a loan to do the retrowork
until after the quake.
Santa Monica spent so many years trying to convince the engineering
community that they were not susceptable to the types of damage that were
reported in other parts of the state that when Northridge hit, the went
completely the other direction without regard for how it affects the owners
and tenants in this town of rent control.
That church was a beautiful building that I firmly believe could have been
saved had there been a few lenders in that town willing to put out the money
to save it.

I just hate to see beautiful architecture destroyed by ignorant thinkers.

Just had to spout!

Dennis Wish PE