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Re: Apple OS FEM programs

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>I am a structural engineer working in India and I have recently acquired a
>Macintosh PowerBook 190.  I am looking for any recommendations on
>compatible FEM design programs.
If you do civil structural work, check out Multiframe. I've run COSMOS/M 
for about 7 years and ANSYS for about 20. The COSMOS modeller is better 
than ANSYS; the post processing not so good, except COSMOS has an AISC 
code check module. At one poit I'd've said the ANSYS QA is better, but 
now I'm not so sure. You might also try LapFEA. Check my web page for 
some URLs. You'll want to make sure you have a fast enough machine with 
plenty of memory and disk space. I don't know if a Pwerbook will do it. 
Suggest you try running with some of the demo versions to see how you 
like it before dropping a lot of cash.

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