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RE: FEE survey

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Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about the 1% fee because I
charge more than that for small jobs anyway. There is always someone who
is willing to work for less in this world for better or worst quality.
IT is up to the client to make the judgement.  I don't write fat or
tight proposals depending on workload conditions especially to the same
client because it is not a good long term business relationship.

It seems that some of you do use % of construction cost as guideline.  I
mostly work for owners not architects and most owners do use % of
construction cost for comparision.  I don't care how much the XYZ co.
down the street charge.  My prime business policy is to try to develop a
trust and personal relationship with my client so that he/she know that
what he/she paid is worth.  If I propose 2% this time and 5% next time
according to my workload, then I won't get any job next time. Once I
develop a trust relationship with my client, he/she will call me that
time there is a job without shopping around. This is what most corporate
client would like to do and believe me, all you need is a few of these
corporate clients so you don't need to complete with MR. XYZ.  We are
not selling products like in the supermarket. We are selling services.

Back to the small 6,000 sq. ft. job, it seems that the range is on the
order of $5,000 (1.5%) to $10,000 (7 sheets of drawings).  Now I am
ready to talk to my client on the golf course.  Thanks for the info.

Tom Chiu, SE
Thomas Engineering
Walnut, CA