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Re: Diaphragms

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Amaloyan(--nospam--at) wrote:

> See UBC 1604.4
> This code section requires 20 psf dead load in
> addition to the diaph. loads
> to be
> added in seismic and vertical design. I would
> use the same D.L. in
> residential
> and commercial construction. If you want to be
> very accurate you can
> calculate
> the D.L. of each wall in each direction and dump
> 50% to the roof diaph. and
> 50% to the floor diaph. (if multy story).
> Also see  UBC 1628.1 #2
> "Where partition load is used in the floor
> design, a load of not less than 10
> psf
> shall be included."
> This 10 psf is used per floor and per diaph.
> That means 10 psf to the roof
> and 20
> psf for the second or other floors. (10 psf to
> floor below + 10 psf from
> walls below).

Whoah!  Wait a minute!  Are you saying that for a
multistory office you include in seismic design
BOTH 20psf from 1604.4 AND 10psf from 1628.1?  I
had always understood that the 10psf was in lieu
of the 20psf (an amalgamation of probability of
maximum partions occuring all over at same time as
the design event, and partial participation of
temporary style partitions).

Stan Johnson
BS, EIT, and just a little bit confused  :)