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Re: Retaining Wall Question

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Barry H. Welliver wrote:

> Not sure how your statement about specifying
> backfill as "noble"
> minimizes the valid comment about the
> gravel/soil interface. If it isn't
> there, then someone hasn't followed thru, if it
> is, then the use of a
> vertical component in design is too liberal. If
> the heel weren't there
> (property line wall) would the vertical friction
> still apply at the back
> of the wall?...

What are we talking about?  You seem to be
referring to friction between the face of soil and
the granular fill.  I thought the conversation was
about to friction between the horizontal face of
the soil that lies beneath the footing and the
base of the footing.  The question being whether
the vertical force from the overlying fill should
be counted on in figuring this friction force.
Bill seemed to be talking about friction in a
vertical plane above the back of the heel of the

Stan Johnson
BS, EIT, confused again :(