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Re: Diaphragms

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In a message dated 97-08-22 00:18:02 EDT, you write:

<< Whoah!  Wait a minute!  Are you saying that for a
 multistory office you include in seismic design
 BOTH 20psf from 1604.4 AND 10psf from 1628.1?  I
 had always understood that the 10psf was in lieu
 of the 20psf (an amalgamation of probability of
 maximum partions occuring all over at same time as
 the design event, and partial participation of
 temporary style partitions).
 Stan Johnson
 BS, EIT, and just a little bit confused  :) >>

Are you making fun of my email address?   ;0)
My dictionary does not even have words that long so I will start from the

UBC 1604.4 is for the vertical design. Add 20 psf to the dead load for
movable partitions and design all floor members and columns and and and.

UBC 1628.1 requires adding 10 psf per floor to the dead load in calculating
W in formula 28-1.
So lets assume you have a 2 story office building. 10 psf goes to the roof
20 psf goes to the floor diaph. The 20 psf is for half the tributary height
of the walls 
supported by the diaph from above and below. (10psf + 10 psf).
If you are still confused give me you fax number and I will send you

Ara Maloyan P.E. AKA amalgamationist.