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Re: Retaining Wall Question

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Stan Johnson wrote:

> Barry H. Welliver wrote:
> > Not sure how your statement about specifying
> > backfill as "noble"
> > minimizes the valid comment about the
> > gravel/soil interface. If it isn't
> > there, then someone hasn't followed thru, if it
> > is, then the use of a
> > vertical component in design is too liberal. If
> > the heel weren't there
> > (property line wall) would the vertical friction
> > still apply at the back
> > of the wall?...
> What are we talking about?  You seem to be
> referring to friction between the face of soil and
> the granular fill.  I thought the conversation was
> about to friction between the horizontal face of
> the soil that lies beneath the footing and the
> base of the footing.  The question being whether
> the vertical force from the overlying fill should
> be counted on in figuring this friction force.
> Bill seemed to be talking about friction in a
> vertical plane above the back of the heel of the
> footing.
> Stan Johnson
> BS, EIT, confused again :(

Perhaps somewhere in the original question there was a query as you've
stated , but my response was intended to note that the use of a vertical
component in overturning stability design due to a soil:soil friction
plane at the back of the heel should be carefully looked at from an
anticipated construction viewpoint as well. I was just commenting on
that part of the thread by Bill. I dislike confusion as well, so if this
proves to further muddle the comment, ...well... then.... never
mind...    ;-)

Barry Welliver