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Re: FEE survey

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Hi y'all
Just another Texan adding his $0.02.  I agree with the view best stated so
far by Tom Chiu.  Make it your goal to develope long term relationships with
clients that understand the value of your service.  That's what I do.
 Unfortunately this is not most architects.  We automatically get drawn into
an adversary relationship when we have to argue with them over our piece of a
pie that is too small to feed the whole design team.  It would be better
(maybe) if they were better businessmen who would negotiate for the right
size of pie to start with.  I know some who have worked hard enough on their
reputation and client list to do just that.

The problem with Tom's approach that most of us don't want to face is it
takes marketing, research, and people skills to develope his type of clients.
 That means emotional and "real" work in areas most structurals refuse to do.
 Unless you face up to these facts, nothing will change.  Bitchin' about it
is just an excuse not to do the work.  As the jocks say, "no pain, no gain."

David Mack
(somewhere in the Lone Star State)