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Re: FEE Ethics 101

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I could not decide whether to post this under FEE
survey or ethics 101.

I have been wondering about something, and someone
in our office also brought it up.  Here we sit,
talking about what each other would charge for a
job.  Does this, at some point, constitute price
fixing, or at least make it look that way?  I
mean, suppose we hear What'isname Engineer say he
charges $500 for a retaining wall design.  Some of
us say to ourselves, "Well shoot, I've been too
low on my fees", and we start asking for more from
clients.  Are we just adjusting ourselves to fit
the market climate, or are we price fixing?

Stan Johnson
BS, EIT, It's worth quoting again (not an exact
quote mind you)..."No matter which way you turn,
your back side is always behind you"  :)   (From
the Ingmar Bergman :)  classic The Seventh Seal)