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Software Survey, Retaining Wall Design, Plan Checkers

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I want to thank all who participated in this thread. Most of you are aware
that, during this week, this thread evolved from rediculous plan check
comments from unqualified people to retaining wall design to specific
comments about software design. I personally got a lot out of this

I particularly want to thank Michael Brooks, President of Enercalc, author
of the Structural Engineering Library. I thought our dialog was productive
and enlightening. Both through public comments on this list serve and
private e-mails between us, Michael demonstrated a lot of professionalism
(in some cases, more than I) and a true willingness and committment towards
producing software useful and helpful to design engineers.

I also want to appologize if I offended anyone who participated in this
discussion. Most of you should know by now that I never intend to offend
but I also don't hold back and I always have taken this profession and what
we do very personally. Specifically, appologies are due to Randy
Vogelgesang and Michael Brooks. A couple of times even I admit I "went over
the line".

Thanks again,
Bill Allen