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Re: Cast Iron

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>I've recently been commissioned to perform calculations and review shop
>drawings for a set of stairs for a steel fabricator. The infill panel of the
>guardrail consists of cast iron ballustrades. Local code requires that these
>ballustrades be designed for a pre- determined design loading. Question -
>What is or where can I find the allowable stresses for cast iron? I've
>located the yeld and tensile stresses for various grades but have not found
>any direction regarding determination of the allowable flexural stess, etc.
>I've asked the contractor to provide the appropriate material specification
>but this(i.e., ASTM) will again only provide tensile and yield stresses.

>Charlie Canitz, PE
>Bel Air, MD

I read the section on Iron and Steel Castings in the Standard Handbook for
Mechanical Engineers by Baumeister and Marks. (7th edition)  I've never
designed with cast iron, but notice that there's not much difference
between tensile stress and yield - i.e. it's brittle.  

Checking the Design Stresses section on page 5-29, there is a discussion
where they illustrate a Class 30 cast-iron part with a safety factor of 5.
(i.e., yield strength/F.S.).  In this case, the yield is 30 ksi and the
design allowable stress would be 6 ksi.

Hope this helps somewhat.

Neil Moore, S.E.