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Re: Diaphragms -Reply

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> Ara, I'm puzzled to hear that you would include a 10 psf
contribution to
> levels above and below.  Never heard of doing it that way and
> thought it was just 10 psf per floor level (excluding the roof)
added to W.
> Though obviously walls are braced to structure above except at
> perpendicular partitions, that seems overly conservative to me.  
> curious how others have interpreted it?  This is a pretty common
> question for design of an office bldg.    Thanks.

I've always understood it as 10 psf per level (with 5 psf to roof). 
The intent is that 20 psf is likely over smaller tributary areas, but
10 psf is more reasonable over larger tributary areas as used in
seismic loading calculations.

John Lawson S.E.
Kramer & Associates Structural Engineers