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Enercalc SEL v5.0

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Since many people seem to be discussing Enercalc, I have a couple of
questions to ask the users of the newest windows 95 version.  I have
encountered a couple of possible problems that I wonder if anyone else may
have noticed:

1. In the Multiple Span Steel Beam design program, I keep getting incorrect
computations of Allowable Bending Stress in the members (Fb).  No matter
what I enter for Fy (36, 50 ksi) The allowable bending stress is calculated
at somewhere between 1 and 2 PSI. Even if I change other fields such as
unbraced length and support conditions, this value remains between 1 and 2
psi, while the allowable shear stress is correctly calculated directly
below it.  When I attempt to use the "design" feature, the computer cannot
find any adequate member (obviously).

2. In the "Fastframe" portion of Enercalc, the program "throws me out" if I
try to view the unity check diagrams. All the other diagrams function fine.

Please let me know if you have had similar problems or let me know what I
am doing incorrectly. Thanks for your input!

Lawrence Smith
URS Greiner
Timonium, Maryland