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ST - Minimum Connections

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Currently I am looking at framing several W6x12 or W10x12 to a 8"W x 40"D CMU
beam at an entrance canopy.  Due to the span (~20') of the CMU beam  and the
requirement that the top of steel be 20" below top of CMU beam the W6 would
have to be connected to a MC ledger which is anchor bolted to the the CMU
beam or using an end plate type connection with a W10.   Although the DL + LL
reaction  ~ 2 kips is the following is appicable to this case and if so would
the CMU beam be required to support this minimum load?

AISC ASD specification Sect J1 para. 6 "Minimum Connections" states
"Connections carrying calculated stresses, except ......, shall be designed
to suport not less tham 6 kips."

R. Conley, PE