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Re: Structural Project

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I would suggest project related to energy dissipation system which could
be either active or passive damping control devices used to minimize the
seismic forces being translated to the structure.  If any of these
devices can be more designer user-friendly such that you can simply
select it on the manual, I think it will be popular in the future. 
Traditional structural engineers tend to concentrate on the structure,
i.e. making it ductile, stronger or whatever to resist the seismic
forces which are the source.  Energy damping devices are the perfect
tools to control or reduce the source of energy translated to the

Good luck for your final year

Tom Chiu, SE
Thomas Engineering
Walnut, CA

> I feel privaledged to be able to access SEAOC's wealth of experience in
> Structural Engineering. Does anybody out there have suggestions for a final
> year Structural Degree project? I would like to incorporate new concepts or
> trends if possible and be able to back up project with some test results,
> all suggestions appreciated.
> With Thanks,
> G. Lynn.
> Email Address: gmlynn(--nospam--at)