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Re: DRFT - Dedicated Drafters vs. Engineers Drafting Their Own Stuff

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I have to agree with this philosophy.  Especially with the customization
tools available for AutoCAD (libraries of beam sections, fasteners,
etc.), it is easier and faster to produce good, easy to visualize (hence
easy to construct) details on computer to exact scale than it is to try
and do it by hand.  I used to work for an engineer who would try doing
something by hand, keeping track of beam flange widths, distance to
centerline, etc. on the scratch paper.  I could do the same detail much
more quickly, and be positive that it worked out dimensionally in a few
seconds on a CAD station.


Gregory P. Luth wrote:

> We have three offices that each use a slightly different variation of
> the
> choices outlined.  By far the most productive office is the one in
> which
> the engineers draft their own details.  We've simply replced the old
> pencil, papre, triangle and (most important) eraser with a much faster
> tool
> that is much more precise.  We do have the need for utility guys who
> can
> whip together a set of drawings, do the plotting, and generally keep
> things
> organized.  We find that the engineers who are forced to draw - to
> scale -
>  their own details tend to have a much better grasp of the engineering
> problems associated with the details.
> Our least productive office is the one with PhD's who painstakingly
> draw
> "not to scale" sketches by hand.  They tend to have the least
> understanding
> of the engineering associated with their sketches.