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Re: [Fwd: passive pressure for retaining wall]

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JohnOttCE(--nospam--at) wrote:

> The logic of using the method as set forth on page 256 falls apart when the
> key is placed at the extreme end of the heel of the retaining wall. This
> office places the key back from the toe of the retaining wall approx. at the
> 1/3 point of the base of the retaining wall footing. Reason: This is a place
> of high vertical pressure exerted from the retaining wall onto the underlying
> soil and yet is not so close to the toe as to allow the soil to creep away
> from the high pressures.
> I would be interested to know the level of acceptance with the local Building
> Officials. This method of increasing the "allowable" passive soil pressures
> is not accepted to my knowledge. Therefore it is an interesting theory that
> may actually occur but in the real world of getting a plan checker to agree
> with you may not hold up.

Thanks for both John and Liu for replying to my email, but I'm looking for
more opinion about that , the problem the example exist in one of  hieghest
respectful book and author in engineering field in USA and the world
I can not say it is wrong ,at same time I'm as engineer I have my own
thought and education I can not accepted blindly , and some other engineer
ask me why not using that means someone is been using it, I like to hear
from the auther himself I know he retired now but I contact his office
they supported him but never give explination where he got from
so please if any one has any information about that write it down

I will posted again until i get enough reply.

 Dave  Anderson P.E.