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I have seen a detail using double angles with the vertical legs of the
angles at the center of the CMU wall.  Cut blocks are installed on both
sides of the angles.  I hate angles in bending, however, so I might opt
for two C8 channels (height of a block course) back to back using the
same approach.  You could also use a continuous plate welded to the
bottom of the channel bottom flange  to help support the cut infill
blocks if necessary.  (If angles are used, the bottom horizontal leg can
be selected to perform the same function.)  Hopefully I'm making sense.
(Note that I am also assuming that a double door frame exists to cover
the bottom angle leg or channel bottom flange and that adequate bearing
is provided either side of the door opening for the steel elements.)
Hopefully this helps.

Jim Hagensen, SE  

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> I have an existing 10" CMU wall I would like to cut an opening in.
> The wall
> is not grouted.  It supports floor framing about 2'-8" above the
> opening,
> plus additional wall height.  I would like to cut a double door into
> the
> wall.  Since the opening is so large relative to the distance of the
> floor
> load above, the floor load  must be support on the lintel (within the
> 45
> degree triangle).  I would like to cut the opening into the wall on
> one face
> at a time.  I have checked precast concrete lintels but the shear is
> just too
> much.
> Does anybody have a good procedure for cutting openings into existing
> walls
> supporting loads greater than the triangle arch above?  Any 2 piece
> steel
> detail that would not leave exposed steel?
> Thanks for your help and input.
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