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MISC - Residential Roof Balcony

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I'm presently involved with a residential project in which a portion of the
roof is to be used as a balcony. The balcony dimensions are approximately
12'-0" wide x 37'-0" long. The architect is specifying indoor/outdoor grass
carpet as the floor finish with EPDM as the roof membrane.

My initial intent was to adhere pressure treated 2x's(width face down) to the
EPDM with 3/4" P.T. plywood overlaying the 2x's. The carpet would then be
adhered to the  plywood sheathing. Upon further consideration, I'm concerned
that over time the P.T. 2x blocking will shrink due to moisture loss and
thereby possibly cause tears within the EPDM field. 

Has anyone encountered a similar scenario in the past?

Thanks in advance.

Charlie Canitz,
Bel Air, MD