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Re: Seismic/Non-Seismic design

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     I am interested in this topic also for one and two story industrial 
     buildings and chemical process structures that could extend as much as 
     5 or 6 stories high.  We typically design these as x-braced frames 
     with simply suppported girder-to-column connections. Most of our 
     designs are in non-seismic areas (Texas), but what about this type of 
     structure for other seismic zones ? What are the drawbacks ? This type 
     of steel construction seems to be much more economical to design and 
     construct than moment frames or even eccentrically braced simple 

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Subject: Seismic/Non-Seismic design
Author:  seaoc(--nospam--at) at Internet
Date:    9/2/97 9:38 PM

On 2 Sep 1997, Ghassem Khosrownia wrote:
>      Besides being fun to design and detail, is it worth (economically) to 
>      incorporate in seismic zone 2, 3, or even 4? Anyone has any 
>      experiences to share on single story industrial type application?
We did some investigations for a typical commerical structure. 
(2-1/2 stories, length about 100 m and width about 40 m).  Our 
finding was that for this structure, highest seismic zone 
provisions will increase the structural cost by only about 7-8% 
compared to non-seismic design.  However, as you can imagine,
the analysis and design cost (that you incur) will be significantly 
higher for seismic design.  I do not expect the single storey 
industrial building to show significantly different figures.
By the way, for highest seismic zone, about 40% of the members 
had to be designed for load combination including seismic, while
for the remaining, the dead + live load continued to be critical.      
I will also be interested in knowing of other people's experience 
on this issue.
Ravi Sinha
Ravi Sinha, Ph.D.               email: rsinha(--nospam--at) 
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