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Comp: Lateral Design Spreadsheet Upgrade

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To all concerned.
Thanks to the example spreadsheet submitted to me by my friend 
James Lord SE, I was able to learn how to chart all sixty 
shearwalls in the lateral spreadsheet program that I donated to 
our web site.
The latest version (compatible with Excel 5.0, 95 and 97) has 
been sent to Dennis McCroskey for upload to the SEAOC web site 
at .
The latest version changes the shearwall analysis worksheet by 
allowing you to enter the starting and ending location for up to 
sixty shear walls. The beauty of this is that it plots to a 
chart which shows each wall at scaled length and the presents a 
layout of the lateral system of the building.
For creative users, although this program is written for a 
single story building, it would be very easy to apply the story 
shear and use it to design every wall at each level of a 
multi-story structure. Who knows, I may incorporate the lateral 
distribution into the next version - or better yet, one of you 
might and send it back to me for resubmittal.
I still need someone to donate a little time to create a help 
file. This can be done on one or two worksheets in the workbook. 
Make it simple and I'll add to it if anything is forgotten.
How about it, I know some of you are using it. How about sending 
it back with some creative changes?
Another plus - it also allows you to input skewed walls which 
then determines the actual length of wall and applies the 
lateral load to the resulting wall. Please note that a reduction 
in loading by determination of resulting vectors IS NOT done. 
The full lateral load for one direction is applied co-plainer to 
the wall. The only purpose of the skewed wall is to create a 
floor plan which shows non-rectangular shaped floor plans.
There are some other clean up items and improvements.
Again, my thanks to James Lord who gave me a new neat 
spreadsheet toy to play with.
The program is listed under LATR102.EXE and is a self expanding 
spreadsheet file. Click on the file name and it will expand to 
Let me know what you think.
Dennis Wish