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Re[2]: Push-over analysis

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     I agree that Drain2D can offer a much cheaper computing cost than 
     other non-linear programs but unfortunately it doesn't have a good 
     documentation and backup for some elements, as well as no technical 
     support for practical use. 
     Wira Tjong

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Subject: Re: Push-over analysis
Author:  <seaoc(--nospam--at)> at internet-mail
Date:    9/4/97 11:47 AM

Some of the commercially available programs I have used include ABAQUS, 
ANSYS, NASTRAN, and ADINA.  I liked ABAQUS for the powerful nonlinear 
analysis features.  These programs are a leap ahead of some of the 
commonly available structural analysis programs used in the Civil- 
Structural engineering.
None of these programs are easy to use.  One needs a thorough 
understanding of the concepts of nonlinear finite element analysis and 
the modeling issues that go along with it.  Each of these programs have 
a licensing fee of approximately $5,000 to $10,000 a year.  ADINA may be 
the cheapest of these programs. It is also a CALTRANS accepted computer 
DRAIN-2DX atleast have the advantage that it can adequately model many 
buildings or bridges.  The program can also perform the analysis at a 
fraction of the cost compared with the major Finite Element programs.
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Thomas Chiu wrote:
> A couple of years ago, I had done a push-over analysis of a mid-rise 
> building in LA downtown, using Drain-2d.  It was a pain in the neck,
> both the input and output formats are too academic. It is not a program 
> for the practical world.  It was the same format that I was using back 
> in 82, when I wrote my computer program in school.
> It will be interesting to find a more real-life practical program. 
> Tom Chiu, SE
> Thomas Engineering
> Walnut, CA