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Re: ES/Misc. - Northstar Horizon Computer

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I did this years ago when I retired my Morrow CP/M PC. I transferred it
to my IBM compatible PC via modem. I took my new machine to my office
and set it's modem to answer and called it from the Morrow at home and
transferred the data files. As long as the data files are in ASCII
format, it should work fine.

Ken Reed, PE
Redding, CA

Powers, Tony wrote:

> In a posting in May, Frank Lew made reference to a Northstar Horizon 8
> bit CP/M computer.  My father has one of these as well.  He has
> continued to use it to run a coordinate geometry program and has data
> files (in comma-separated text fomat) that he would like to load onto
> a
> 20th century Windows based computer.  Does anyone  (especially Mr.
> Lew)
> know how or if it is possible to transfer data files from CP/M format
> to
> DOS/Windows format?
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Tony Powers
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