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Re: Contractors Reputation

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Although the more specific governs ( as in the details over the general plans
),  the failure to cite / reference the details on the general overall plan
is usually considered a significant oops by the attorney types.
 Consequently,  I as the owner rep for a local government entity,  will
usually try to recover the costs from the design team if it is significant.
 However,  I don't think I ever seen a sheet note like yours to put the
burden on the contractor for floating details.  That might tip the scale
contracturally back in your favour,  although it sounds like an unenforceable
clause.  Contractor is flat wrong to change construction w/o your consent.
  Bottom line,  you are probably wrong and I bet the Owner ate more than you

The lesson I've learned in the past from these types of omissions is to
append and cross reference each detail to show where it is called out.
 Details with no sheet calls either have no purpose in the plans;  or should
be called out on a plan sheet.  that's my two cents.

Ronnie Fong
Fremont CA

In a message dated 97-09-06 23:58:16 EDT, you write:

<< Did I deserve the penalty issued to  me by the owner for omitting a
reference bubble when the details existed on  the plans?  >>