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Re: Contractors Reputation

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Dennis S. Wish PE wrote:
> I need to vent some steam ...


Phew.... I'm behind you 110% Dennis, I got p#@%&!! off just by reading
your description of the situation.

In my opinion, there are a lot of GC's out there who are masters at
justifying change orders and subsequent extra costs. They are also
masters at screwing there subs thereby pocketing more money for
themselves or covering themselves for soemthing they missed in their
initial bid. Further, they are masters at wiggling out of situations as
you describe in your post.

When dealing with this type of mentallity, what makes you think this guy
is going to belly up to the bar for his obvious screw up (or his

Stick to your guns Dennis, this guy needs to be taken down a notch.

Mark D. Baker
Baker Engineering

This story does not shock me in the least.