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Re: Contractors Reputation

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Dennis S. Wish PE wrote:

> Now I am concerned about what you think. Did I
> deserve the penalty issued to
> me by the owner for omitting a reference bubble
> when the details existed on
> the plans?

Sounds to me like:

1.  You were quite equitable in how you approached
things.  By not billing a lot of stuff that was
legitimate to bill, you certainly did your part to
try to make up for any shortcomings in the plans.

2.  Contractor is not at all without blame.
First, he did not question the non-referenced
details (ok so maybe that's not a knockout blow).
Second he misses the drags & other stuff which is
called out.  The contractor certainly has a
responsibility to be thoroughly familiar with the
plans.  Either this guy wasn't, or he ignored them
because he wanted to frame differently.

3.  A part of the cost of post base fix falls
under "needed to be there any ways", and you went
to a lot of work to cut this cost by cutting down
of the total number of bases.  That has to count
for something.

4.  You should get most or all of your fee.

IMHO:  One problem with cross referencing
everything a million different ways is that the
plans and notes get a lot more complex.  Your
chance of making a mistake go up, both because of
the added complexity and because your time gets
eaten up working with all the extra references and
notes.  The contractor doesn't want to take the
time to read and figure out all the extra notes,
so he misses stuff.  But on the other hand if you
don't cross reference things a million different
ways, the contractor blames you for not
referencing stuff where HE wants you to.

Stan Johnson
BS, EIT, There's no such thing as a perfect set of
plans.  :-|