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Re: COMP - AISC Autocad Files

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From: Bill Allen, S.E. <BAllenSE(--nospam--at)>
To: seaoc(--nospam--at) <seaoc(--nospam--at)>
Date: Sunday, September 07, 1997 10:42 AM
Subject: Re: COMP - AISC Autocad Files

>Maybe mine is different (I believe it is if you are referring to Win95A or
>before). First of all, F8 doesn't do anything for me. Next, my Win95 CD
>does not have a directory called "OLDDOS". I can open a MS DOS window and I
>can reboot in MS DOS mode. But, I believe in my case, windows is
>"emulating" DOS. In either of these two cases when I type "ver" the
>response I get is "Windows 95. [Version 4.00.1111]. There is nothing on my
>system that I have found that will tell me anything about a DOS 8.0. If
>there is any other place that you suggest I check, please let me know. I do
>know that my version of Win95 is not commercially available and it was
>intended to be shipped with new machines. However, a colleague of mine who
>recently (after Win95B was available) bought a computer with Win95 loaded
>only has Win95A (Win95 w/service release 2).
>Bill Allen
First, you need to tap the F8 key after you boot - as soon as you see the
CMOS information about your computer. Keep tapping until you get a menu
screen that asks if you want to start in safe mode, normal mode or MS-DOS
mode. If you choose number 6 (I think that is the number) you will be
presented with your old friend the C:> and black screen.
You can also exit Windows and choose start in MS-DOS mode which takes you to
the DOS screen.
You have one more option, you can modify the msdos.sys file which contains
the following lines:


This is followed by embedded code and the last two lines read:


There are a couple of choices under options and a few more that you can add
(curtesy of Microsoft Windows 95 Resource Kit):
Enables dual-boot capabilities. The default is 0. Setting this value to 1
enables the ability to start MS-DOS by pressing F4 or by pressing F8 to use
the Windows Startup Menu. You can still use F8 with BootMulti set to 0.

Enables automatic graphical startup into Windows 95. The default is 1. Set
to 0, I believe would start you in MS-DOS mode and you would need to type
Win to start windows 95.

Sets the initial startup delay to 'n' seconds. The default is 2. BootKeys=0
disables the delay. The only purpose of the delay is to give the user
sufficient time to press the F8 key after the Starting Windows message
appears which would bring up the Startup menu from which you can choose the
mode you wish to work in.

Enables the startup option keys (that is, F5, F6, and F8). The default is 1.
Setting this value to 0 overrides the value of BootDelay=n and prevents any
startup keys from functioning (I suspect that Bill has this value set to 0
in his Msdos.sys file if he can not launch the startup menu).

Enables automatic display of the Windows 95 Startup menu so that the user
must press F8 to see the menu. The default is 0. Setting this value to 1
eliminates the need to press F8 to see the menu.

For those that care to play around with Windows, I suggest a copy of the
Resource Kit - about $50.00 at Crown. Also there is an excellent book (about
the only one I know of ) that deals only with the system registry that helps
you understand how programs store important information - similar but yet
much different than the INI files used in 3.1. I'll try to find the book and
let you know.

I can't recommend enough the ability to learn how Windows Works. I have
spent hours and days tracking down problems with GPF errors and crashing
machines only to discover that I needed to simply change the location of my
swap file to allieviate a corruption in the swap file. Rebooting and then
replacing the swap file to it's original location (after defragmenting my
disk) eliminated most if not all of the problems and had me up and running
in minutes. Now I don't have to waste a day tracking this type of error, I
have a feel for where it originates and I know how to fix it fast.

Hope the information helps.

Dennis Wish PE