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Re: WOOD - Engineered Lumber vs. Sawn Lumber

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For combined loading with out-of-plane loads due to wind on an unbraced
drop header, you may want to use a solid piece such as a parallam for
increased Sy in lieu of multiple 1-3/4" LVL's. I personally think LVL's
(laminated veneer lumber) are a good product, however,  I have seen severe
cupping when they get wet, particularly when multiple LVL's are used and
water gets between the LVL's. Also, there is no camber or crown to
compensate for DL deflection. I just hope all the glue we use doesn't start
to decompose in 50 years ;^) 

Jeff Smith

> Would 2 plies of Microlam cost significantly more than a single 6X12 beam? 
>Does most of the profession use sawn lumber or engineered lumber in these
>Richard Lewis, P.E.