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Re: WOOD - Engineered Lumber vs. Sawn Lumber

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Since we drifted into this subject, I would like to ask the 
audiences opinion on using Parallams from "TJI" vs. gluelams.

Has any body had any bad or good experiences with this
product. No matter how I look at this product  the properties 
are better than gluelam and the depth matches the TJI's. 
(Infinite wisdom of good capitalist manufacturers).
According to TJI manufacturer they warranty the product 
for the life of the structure. ( I guess in LA that is every 20 years 
depending either on the earthquake cycles or economic cycles 
which ever comes first :) .Just kidding.
I have a problem loading beams that are purely relying on 
industrial glue that are cooked in special microwave ovens.
Any comments?

Ara Maloyan P.E.