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Re: WOOD - Engineered Lumber vs. Sawn Lumber

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We are in the process of designing a multi-story apartment building using
TJI floor joists and parallams for just about everything else except the
2x6 studs in the walls.  The detailing is a bit easier using parallam
headers and beams because their depths match the depths of the TJIs and the
strengths are just high enough that they work in a lot of places where a
glu-lam wouldn't.  The ceiling attaches to the bottom of the TJIs, which
wouldn't work with a glu-lam hanging below the joists.

Paul McEntee

> From: Amaloyan(--nospam--at)
> To: seaoc(--nospam--at)
> Subject: Re: WOOD - Engineered Lumber vs. Sawn Lumber
> Date: Monday, September 08, 1997 9:49 PM
> Since we drifted into this subject, I would like to ask the 
> audiences opinion on using Parallams from "TJI" vs. gluelams.
> Has any body had any bad or good experiences with this
> product. No matter how I look at this product  the properties 
> are better than gluelam and the depth matches the TJI's. 
> (Infinite wisdom of good capitalist manufacturers).
> According to TJI manufacturer they warranty the product 
> for the life of the structure. ( I guess in LA that is every 20 years 
> depending either on the earthquake cycles or economic cycles 
> which ever comes first :) .Just kidding.
> I have a problem loading beams that are purely relying on 
> industrial glue that are cooked in special microwave ovens.
> Any comments?
> Ara Maloyan P.E.