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Re[3]: Push-over analysis

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     If you want to get more out of DRAIN 2D you may want to check into a 
     product called DrainPro.  This was presented at the last SEAOC 
     computer exposition.  I haven't used it, but it is reported to be a 
     user friendly post-processor for DRAIN-2Dx.  It is by Advanced 
     Structural Concepts in Golden Colorado, $995,  (303) 278-6234, email: 
     Ed Haninger
     Fluor Daniel 
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Subject: Re[2]: Push-over analysis
Author:  Wira Tjong at ADPM-TUCSON
Date:    9/5/97 11:19 AM

     I agree that Drain2D can offer a much cheaper computing cost than 
     other non-linear programs but unfortunately it doesn't have a good 
     documentation and backup for some elements, as well as no technical 
     support for practical use.
     Wira Tjong