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CONC-Design of Undeground manholes/tanks

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I was wondering if anyone knew of any references or computer programs which
detail and/or simplify design of underground rectangular/circular concrete

Currently, we design these one of two ways and both have disadvantages:

1. We use STAAD III and perform a finite element analysis  and have the
tank walls, bottom and top slabs broken into a number of elements.  The
output, however, is very large, (40+ pages for a 12'X12' tank just to get
design moments and shears).

2. We use tables to obtain design coefficients. This method works OK but is
tedious and time consuming, not to mention that the tables are from the
1950's, and I would like to think there have been some design method
imporvements since then.

So.... if anyone knows of a better method, please let me know where to
look.  My 'pipe dream' is to find a program that just asks for geometry,
soil parameters, and loads, and then "spits" out the rebar for the tank.

Thanks for your input,

Lawrence Smith
URS Greiner, Inc.
Timonium, MD