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Re: COMP - Goodbye DOS

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For those frustrated with operating system integration:

There is still far too much engineering software that runs best under DOS. Still
some software tools that run best under WIN 3.1.  And then there's WIN 95 in its
various flavors.  My work around, that has brought great satisfaction and
relatively few problems, is three (3) PCs wired to a single keyboard, mouse, and
monitor by way of a electronically switch able box  (OmniView by Belkin).  I
keep each application in the environment it was designed for and never have to
tweak to cross breed.  And when WIN95 does its crash thing, I give it the rigid
middle digit and switch to my old reliable DOS machine.  I never have to (get
to?) stop working.  Well worth consideration if you, like I, cling to "legacy"
software.  And I'm sorry, but DOS on my 486-25 will always be more responsive
than %$*!@ windows in whatever version.  This is true multitasking!

Mark Codispoti

Ecengrs(--nospam--at) wrote:

> Bill Allen wrote:
> << I''ve waited a long time to get DOS small in my rear view
> << mirror.
>  <<Regards,
>  <<Bill
> I've been using computers for structural analysis since punch card days, and
> I've seen, with a few exceptions, a steady improvement in operating
> environments, from Mainframes to VAX to DOS PC's to PC's with Windows95
> (Windows 3.1 was, in my opinion, one of the "exceptions").
> I'm with Bill; DOS has served it's purpose. As soon as RISA converts their
> stuff to Windows95 (are you reading this Bruce?) I'll be finished with
> DOS/Win 3.1 for good.
> Earl Conroy
> EC Engineers