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RE: CONC-Design of Underground manholes/tanks

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Visual Analysis by Integrated Engineering Software is getting close,
they either have already or will soon release a version which does
concrete slab/wall design.  You can contact them at 406-586-8988 or  PCA has recently published a book of charts
titled "Rectangular Concrete Tanks" for tank wall analysis.  Don't
discount your references from the '50's, the coefficients for moments
and shears are still valid today. 

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> Sent: 	Tuesday, September 09, 1997 5:34 AM
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> Subject: 	CONC-Design of Undeground manholes/tanks
> I was wondering if anyone knew of any references or computer programs
> which
> detail and/or simplify design of underground rectangular/circular
> concrete
> manholes/tanks.
> Currently, we design these one of two ways and both have
> disadvantages:
> 1. We use STAAD III and perform a finite element analysis  and have
> the
> tank walls, bottom and top slabs broken into a number of elements.
> The
> output, however, is very large, (40+ pages for a 12'X12' tank just to
> get
> design moments and shears).
> 2. We use tables to obtain design coefficients. This method works OK
> but is
> tedious and time consuming, not to mention that the tables are from
> the
> 1950's, and I would like to think there have been some design method
> imporvements since then.
> So.... if anyone knows of a better method, please let me know where to
> look.  My 'pipe dream' is to find a program that just asks for
> geometry,
> soil parameters, and loads, and then "spits" out the rebar for the
> tank.
> Thanks for your input,
> Lawrence Smith
> URS Greiner, Inc.
> Timonium, MD