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Metric WWF

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Am looking for a metric WWF reference. 
(Have not contacted CRSI, they'll probably want to sell me something.)

Does anyone know the US equivalent for 152x152 - MW38.7 x MW71.0? I
recognize the 152mm x 152mm as 6"x6". But am not sure of the soft
conversion for the wire size. I think the equivalent size is 6x6-W6xW11.

I believe one method of specifying metric wire size is by area (mm^2).

MW38.7 = 38.7/(25.4^2) = .06 in^2   <----- W6 wire
MW71.0 = 71.0/(25.4^2) = .11 in^2   <----- W11 wire

Would appreciate the groups input.

Brent Koch, P.E.