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Re: COMP - Goodbye DOS

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> NT has sounded good for a long time.  Just don't want to upgrade what I have or
> invest in yet another PC.  At least not until the end of my typical 3-year cycle
> (4 in twelve years and I just recently cast off my old 8086).
NT is OK for windows apps, but programs like ETABS actually run 
slower under NT than under 95. Unless your app is specifically 
compiled for NT it has to emulate the environment the program runs 
in. This emulation slows the process down. ETABS runs on my 
Pro 200 were actually 50% slower under NT than under 95. Never 
compared 95 versus DOS though. SAP200 also ran proportionately slower.

Also, instead of buying 2 or 3 pro 200's, you can just dual, or even 
triple boot your single machine under DOS, 95 and NT. The switching 
equipment is cheap, but unless your already have 3 machines the total 
solution is a little pricy.

I also had to access the hardware lock across our network. Anyone 
ever get a hardware lock to be recognized under NT?  Thanks!

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