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Hi Mel,

In general, your modem shall work in Europe.
However, from country to country the
phone jack configuration may vary, e.g. in Germany,
in the hotel room or at your friends home you'll most
probably find a DIN socket outlet which is different
from the US standard (if I remember correctly, the
abbreviation for it is RJ45). In Germany you will need
an adapter, which you can buy in big department
stores as well as specialized shops for

In other European countries you may find out that
they are using the US standard, or ... have their
own standard, or ... have the standard of another
European country. Here is valid the Murphy's law:
the probability that you'll encounter problems with
the phone jack configuration is directly proportional
to the GDP of that country ...

Finally, if I were you, I wouldn't wary too much. I would
take my notebook and a good pocket dictionary ...

Peter Rangelow
Frankfurt, Germany

PS. I think you can drop your question to some
of the many news groups dealing with

Von: MJSLAYSMAN(--nospam--at)
An: seaoc(--nospam--at)
Betreff: travel
Datum: Mittwoch, 10. September 1997 07:30

Does anyone have experience in traveling in Europe with a laptop
computer and
modem.  I have the voltage problem taken care of but will my zoom modem
 What is the phone jack configruaton?  Do I need some sort of adapter?
can't find out the answers to these questions through local suppliers,
telephone company, or even the manufacturers.  Any help is appreciated.


Mel Slaysman